Why I Row/Interview 11
by Michelle Conway / Feb.01, 2020

Name: Gergely Kuklis
Occupation:  musician, violinist

1. When did you begin rowing?

I did my first “steps” in the lovely, sunny May of 2018.
I met people with straight spines, straightforward habits, good humour. I appreciated this combination. I got lots of help and useful instructions from the very first day.

2. Why?

It’s interesting. Hungary is famous for it’s rower champions. We have countless rivers and lakes with calm waters, and I spent all my summers beside them.
But I never tried rowing as a chosen sport.
Here in Galway we have the Tribesmen Club just a 15 minutes walk from our home. I couldn’t miss this gift.

3. Do you have a favourite seat?

I cannot say I have a favourite one.
If I’m the stroke I can dictate the speed and rythm but I also have the responsibility for the crew behind my back.
The 3rd and 2nd seat offers a good opportunity for learning humbleness and gives a feeling to be a part of a team.
In the bow seat I feel as a “fine tuner” on an instrument as I can see all the rowers ahead and I can coordinate and “finish” all the common efforts.

4. What was your top challenge?

Last summer we rented a boat from a boathouse by the river Danube with my partner Melinda.
That spin was totally different from the gentle Corrib experiences.
It was over 35 °C. The river was five times faster and at least 300 meters wide. The oars were heavier and thicker.
Even crossing the river near Budapest is a big challenge since the traffic is heavy and you can meet with some really huge ships like swimming cities…
When we finally reached the target island at the North we both had giant blisters on our palms and fingers.
But I never enjoyed the fröccs (Hungarian mixture of vine and soda) as much as after that spin!

5. What would you like to learn or improve?

I’d like to try to row in a fine boat. And to sweep as well.
And I think one day I have to learn coxing.🤔

6. Favourite spin?

It was that long spin on a lovely Sunday morning in May when we went deep to the lake Corrib through the Old river.

7. What do you love most about rowing?

When the whole crew is moving, breathing and acting as one, and my ego can dissolve in a higher, bigger dimension. When there’s no borders between mother nature and myself.