Bulletin-1 on the River: Navigation & Hazards

by Mike McCrohan

A book could be written on the dos and don’ts of navigating the current Corrib. Put briefly, crews must stay on the navigation channel i.e. between the red and green markers. It is important to note that the Navigation Markers do not mark the location of rocks. They indicate the safe channel.

The Corrib is generally safe, but nevertheless crews should be aware of those areas where straying offline might get them into trouble. These include:

(1) the “Swans rock”, so-called because swans occasionally stand, clear of the water on this hazard. This is located centre river a few meters upstream of the “Jes Corner”and is only one of a number of rocks in that area which collectively form a reef.

(2) On the Menlo side of the navigation markers on the Menlo straight. Rocks lurk below the surface posing a threat at certain times of the year.

(3) Close by the bank at the Graveyard.B.