Tribesmen Rowing Club was formed in 1976 and has a proud tradition of competitive rowing at Junior, Intermediate, Novice, Senior and Master levels. In recent years this has been extended to include recreational rowing.

Rowing in Galway has a long and successful history. From the foundation of the original Corrib Rowing Club in 1864, through the formation of the Commercial Rowing Club (1875), the Temperance Club (c. 1885), Royal Galway Yacht Club (1882), Hibernian/Galway Rowing Club (1908), Ancient order of Hibernians (1910), Emmet’s (1920), Citie of the Tribes (1924), St Joseph’s (1932), Col Iognaid (1934) and UCG (c. 1935), there has been an ever evolving and competitive rowing environment in the city.

Though most of the clubs had enjoyed success at various levels through the years, the senior championship was an infrequent visitor to Galway – Emmet’s victories in 1929 and 1931 being the exception. It was to redress this that Tribesmen Rowing Club was formed in 1976.

Between 1978 and 1996 Tribesmen achieved a remarkable record of championship success, winning 36 National championship titles in total.